Visionwood Venetian

Visionwood Venetian

Visionwood Venetians are a great alternative to natural wood particularly where the style and functionality of painted timber Venetians is required but durability and budget constraints are also a consideration. The 63mm slat is a great alternative for budget conscious customers wanting to achieve the look of Plantation Shutters.

Visionwood Venetians are a popular choice in high humidity environments, such as kitchens, bathrooms and heavy traffic areas, where a tougher finish is required. Our low maintenance slats are washable and fade resistant, without the issues encountered with natural wood.

Visionwood has been specially designed with the harsh Australian climate in mind and are suitable for both residential and commercial applications. It is aesthetically stylish and can be manufactured in both 50mm and 63mm slats in a modern range of colours from classic Whites through to the on-trend Greys and neutrals.

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Available Finishes

Marble White
Vivid White
Cord operated with matching timber toggle.
Slat Size
50mm and 63mm.
Minimum Width
For widths less than 450mm, the following limitations apply.
240mm – 299mm – Tilt Only (mechanism in centre).
300mm – 449mm – Split Control.

Maximum Width 2400mm.

Minimum Drop 500mm.
Maximum Drop 50mm - 2600mm.
Maximum Drop 63mm - 2550mm (refer to price list for shaded area)
Slat Material
Co-extruded polymers and high impact polystyrene, impervious to moisture.
Slat Thickness
Premium quality, heavy duty Venetian head rail and locking system 57mm x 54mm.
Gated metal bracket system and open gate supports.
100mm Flat Fascia.
Ladder Tape
String is matched to suit colour of slat.
Bottom Rail
48mm x 12mm matching moulded PVC.
Hold Down Clips
No extra charge - Metal - (Bottom rail will be made 20mm smaller to accommodate if hold down clips requested).
Cut outs
Surcharge applies (please refer to pricing guide for additional charge).
No Holes
Surcharge applies (please refer to pricing guide for additional charge).
Woven Ladder Tape
25mm (please specify colour).
Surcharge applies (please refer to pricing guide for additional charge).
Somfy Motorisation
Please refer to pricing guide.