Selecting the right curtain tracking is an important decision from both a practical and aesthetic perspective.

Curtain tracks offer a minimalist profile, smooth operation, and adapt for a wide variety of curtain heading styles.

Somfy’s motorised Glydea track is designed for more prestigious projects. Motorised curtains are becoming a standard inclusion in high-end homes, luxury apartments, high-quality hotels, meeting and conference venues – available in white.

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Available Finishes

Rail and Motor Glydea/ Rail and Motor Ripple Curtain
Minimum Width
Maximum Width
10000mm (Tracks wider than 6300mm will require a joiner)
30.5mm x 25mm
Track Colours
Track Types
Lateral Opening (one way) equipped with heavy duty master carrier
Central Opening (two way) equipped with heavy duty master carrier
Classic -Pinch Pleat
S-Fold and Wave – lateral opening (one way)
S-Fold and Wave – central opening (two way)
S Fold Tape Colour
Control Type
Please refer to Somfy Selection Chart
Irismo 45 WireFree RTS;
Glydea 35e WT; Glydea 35e Ultra RTS –
Glydea 60e WT; Glydea 60 Ultra RTS
Fixing Options
Top Fix or Face Fix
One Touch Ceiling Bracket; Swivel Ceiling Bracket; Adjustable Wall Mount Bracket
Master Carrier Underlap and Overlap: White Heavy Duty Master Carrier
Rail and Motor Glydea/ Rail and Motor Ripple Curtain
Glydea RTS Radio Control
Individual Control with RTS transmitter
Situo 1 and 5 RTS
One and Five Channel RTS transmitter: Pure, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold
Telis 16 RTS
16 Channel RTS transmitter: Pure and Silver
Smoove O/C RTS
Wireless Wall Mounted RTS transmitter for horizontal applications
Telis 6 Chronis
Six channel RTS timer – Pure, Silver
ThermoSunis Indoor Wirefree RTS
Indoor Battery Powered RTS Sun Sensor
Glydea WT Motor Wired Control
Individual or group control with AC switch
Inis Uno
Individual Control maintained Switch
Centralis Uno 1B
Individual AC Control with master busline connection
Centralis 1B
Dry contact switch for busline control
Chronis 1B
Timer for master busline control
4AC Motor Controller
Individual Control via local dry contact switches and master control by Animeo
RTS Card for 4AC Motor Controller
Allows radio control when using 5AC Motor Controller
Irismo 45 Li-ion charger
Charger for the Irismo 45 WireFree RTS motor
Glydea Ultra
Glydea Ultra RTS & WT Data Sheet
Download (pdf)
Irismo Specs
Irismo 45 WireFree Specifications Sheet
Download (pdf)
Irismo Installation Guide
Irismo 45 WireFree Quick Installation Guide
Download (pdf)
Irismo Instructions
Irismo 45 WireFree User Instructions
Download (pdf)